Shyam Barr


A little about me


Shyam Barr is an Australian educator helping people become self-regulated learners so that they can succeed now and in the future.

His pursuit of maximised learning has seen him work in all kinds of teaching, leadership and consultancy roles in Australia, United Kingdom, the Cook Islands and Bolivia. As an Education Consultant currently based in Melbourne, he is working with senior educational leaders to rethink professional learning models, innovative teachers ready to shift practice and individuals who are interested in elevating themselves and achieving new levels of success.

Driven by the desire to enhance learning for all, Shyam is passionate about bridging research with practice and continues to stay engaged with Australian Universities. Together with completing his Ph.D., he teaches in the Master of Education (Cognitive Psychology and Educational Practice) at Flinders University. This allows him to stay well informed of the latest education research and trends, ensuring that he is well equipped to effectively assist school leaders, teachers, and students.

As an avid learner, he understands the psyche and emotional heartbeat of what learners need to feel confident, and when they do, how powerful and pivotal that is to ultimate performance. As part of his 2019 learning adventure, he is extending his research in the motivational, cognitive and metacognitive factors that influence the learning mindset of an individual.

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We were born
to learn

We were born to learn – we learnt to walk, to talk, to read, to write etc., but how conscious were we in this process of learning?