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This blog discusses topics that exist between the fields cognitive psychology and leadership, teaching and learning. Although I make connections between research and personal experience (my attempt at bridging the age-old ‘theory-practice’ gap), I write for a general audience. It is as Mihaly Csikszenmihalyi stated in the preface of his book FLOW:

“To take this step is somewhat dangerous, because as soon as one strays from the stylised constraints of academic prose, it is easy to become careless or overly enthusiastic about such a topic” (p. xi)

To avoid carelessness, I will endeavour to include references to journal articles, books and alike (as commonly expected in academic writing), but not at the expense of accessibility and ease of reading. This will be a delicate balance and one I will endeavour to achieve.

To end, I chose the word ‘discusses’ in the first sentence of this preface, to highlight that although the blog articles themselves are very much a dialogue between myself and what I read, I encourage you to share your comments and questions, so that we may start a more authentic discussion. 

Enhance your reflective practice with this simple tool

Learning underpins everything we do. The act of learning itself, in my mind – exists on a continuum from surface learning to deep learning. Both serve a purpose, but I like to position myself as often as possible at the ‘deep learning’ end of the spectrum. This requires critical reflection achieved through a rich reflective practice (practice of reflection). Do you follow?

How do you currently engage in reflection?

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